I’ve pushed another iso update today to include the OpenSSL 3.0 upgrade as well as a patch to grub which fixes grub from reading ext file systems created with the newer e2fsprogs versions I’d you use the iso as a rescue disk, you want the grub patch. Trust me.


Nothing much new this week (yet). I’ve updated the iso with the latest -current and kernel 6.1.9. I haven’t added anything new, but I am considering to remove some Slackware shipped X11 apps. Things like thunderbird, xmms, and other things covered by the GNOME desktop, I may remove to shrink the iso a bit, as it seems to keep growing. Maybe next revision.

I’ve been working on getting scripts for nwg-shell SBo-ready. Which means they have to build on 15.0 and comply with their guidelines. In the end, I’m going to have a way for users to build it locally, a SBo install option will exist, and I’ll have a package repo available as well. This way one can do as they wish to get the software. I know many users want a simple solution, and SBo works for that, so hopefully I’ll finish that work soon. And within the week nwg-shell should be available there as well.

Nothing else cookin’ this week. I need to do my taxes and other fun adult stuff, but I’ll keep doing this and avoid it all, like a seasoned vet 😉


Updated the ISO today to latest -current, kernel 6.1.7, and included some software updates for gnome which have landed in the repo already. Also added a GNOME 3.38.9 Slackware 15.0-based ISO I made for fun for my personal use on my old hackintosh desktop. It mimics the default Debian ‘bullseye’ GNOME install, and has it’s own repo attached. I’ll put up more information at a later date, I’m pressed for time at the moment. Try it out if you like the faster and stable GNOME experience pre-40+ versions. It includes the latest libreoffice 7.4.4 and some desktop games as well as the Gnome-Flashback optional desktop (X11 only). Don’t expect many updates as 3.38 is EOL but I’ll be adding some more apps to the repo over time. Enjoy!



Updated the ISO yesterday to include all the latest changes to -current. Kernel 6.1.4 is included this time around! Don’t forget to run “slackpkg update && slackpkg upgrade-all” as root to get the latest repo updates (repo was updated after the ISO so the latest changes weren’t included). Cheers!

42.7 github

Before the liveslak was GNOME 43-centric, it was a GNOME 42 system. With the recent 42.7 release, I have updated a few SlackBuilds on github to coincide with that. I don’t offer up a 42-based iso any longer but if anyone’s following along, or still has that liveslak on a usb, I wonder, should I update the now hidden repo with those updates?

I’ll ponder that instead of actually doing it for a while. But it’s buildable from a 43 running system if anyone is bored and really wants to go deep on homegrown Slackware systems 😉

bugs and updates

I know it was short lived, but the epic project name “gnackware” shall be nothing more than a distant memory soon. I didn’t go very deep with the name change, and as a result, it broke local installs of the iso image. So I reverted to the original (and timeless) name of Slackware. I do not wish to customize the OS (outside of providing GNOME). I want it to remain a vanilla install, so users can be assured the Slackware featured here is the same Slackware the rest of us use. And silly names change that.

Outside of that, these new images are currently up to date (and local installs work again!) but I’ve also temporarily removed the kooha package, as it is broken. I hadn’t tested the script here. I just realized I had made this months ago and hadn’t used it in some time. Recent changes seem to have broken it. Kooha will be back when I work out what went wrong.


-current updates 20221120

Today -current was updated to include many libraries I’ve been shipping in the liveslak. http://www.slackware.com/changelog/current.php?cpu=x86_64 with today’s changes I’ve removed the following from the repo:

  • at-spi2-core-2.46.0
  • glib-networking-2.74.0
  • gobject-introspection-1.74.0
  • libsoup-2.74.3
  • pygobject3-3.42.2
  • vte-0.70.1

On -current glib2-2.74.1 has also been updated (which is in the repo), but it hasn’t been patched to fix the 100% cpu usage gnome-keyring bug, so I’ve left my build up for glib2 until this is addressed. Slackware’s vte package does not contain the GTK4 library, which is needed for gnome-console to function as well. To work-around this issue, much like I’ve done for libnma, I created a gtk4 specific package for vte and have added it to the repo.

To update an existing liveslak system properly, please run these commands as root:

slackpkg update

slackpkg install gcs43

slackpkg upgrade-all

This will ensure you pick up any newly added packages and update the live system as well. I will post a new ISO as well soon for new users, existing ones should be good to go with the above commands.

20221117 – liveslak updates

I built a new ISO today with todays -current updates as well as re-added missing packages to the repo for gunpnp plugins and the Ubuntu AppIndicator Extension was missing as well. I need to watch the wildcards I use when removing files, when updating last week I deleted more than I was attempting to do –oops!

I did a complete install of this ISO before posting it and it very well may be perfect. You’d be hard pressed to find a better system right now running GNOME 43, I’d venture to say that this being live, install-able and a rock-solid Slackware with flatpaks as well, that this is a better installation than Fedora. We don’t require reboots every update on Slackware, come to the dark side!