When I introduced the GNOME 44 liveslak I had changed it up a bit. Dropping much more software from upstream, and changing the way the ISO ships a bit. Initially, we shipped the “standard” full GNOME suite of software on top of Slackware, and offered what is known as “GNOME World” as an extra module you could add to your existing liveslak ISO, with an extra toy box full of GNOME applications included.

Well, it turns out, adding that module to the ISO creates an error with squashfs basically equating to having too many files open and completely breaks the GNOME Dekstop on the live system. As a result I’ve removed the download, after some testing and not finding a solution as of yet.

For now I’d recommend anyone whom wants all the extra software (and there is a lot of good stuff there) to manually download from the repo and turning that into a module on liveslak itself. (which seems to work without a hitch).

Here’s how:

  1. Open a terminal window and obtain root permissions: “su -“
  2. Run “slackpkg update && slackpkg upgrade-all”
  3. Followed with a “slackpkg install gnome”. This will install every extra package needed on your liveslak system.
  4. Next, run “upslack.sh” check out the options there, we are going to add everything we just downloaded to a new module.
  5. Check “lsblk” to ensure you know your usb block device ID.
  6. Now do a “upslack.sh -p -o /my/usb/stick”
  7. After it builds and compresses all that data, shutdown or reboot and you’ll have a new module next boot full of ALL the extra GNOME software we’ve all packaged up.
  8. Enjoy!

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