matrix chat

Many open source projects have some form of communication with users, who may not necessary need help or have a problem to report. Or whom like interactive experiences, and real people to share things with. Popular services exist like IRC, Discord, Facebook, and more. In the open source world, seems to be the go-to (it must be open source 😉 and the author of nwg-shell, Piotr, has opened a matrix “subspace” for nwg-shell. He’s also kindly provided a Slackware room, so users, hackers, abusers of nwg-shell on Slackware machines can share configs, ideas, issues or whatever else with each other in real-time, if they’d like.

I’m in there, and I’d really appreciate any users of any of these tools, apps, repos join if they have a matrix account. The more the merrier I say on a chat program, can’t chat without people in the seats!

Stop in and say hi! Tell us about your nwg-shell experience, and lets create a nice place to talk about it!

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