I haven’t checked in on GNOME in some time, but there hasn’t been a new point release yet, so I think I’m good for now. But I have been keeping up with nwg-shell which has had a ton of updates the past weeks adding support for hyprland. I’ve now updated both the x86_64 and aarch64 -current repos with all the latest nwg-shell packages except for adding hyprland. The actual integration with the configs and such just released today, and since 15.0 is limited in that it only runs an year old release of hyprland, I’ve skipped it for the moment. But yes, hyprland does build and run on -current, I just haven’t had the opportunity to see if I need to patch anything first. I’ll look at that next week for users of the bin repos, but for now I’ve tried to get both arches in sync, stay tuned for the addition of hyprland early next week.