Turns out there is a script on SBo for hyprland (only it’s old and outdated) but there is none of the other software, but since it’s likely held up by Wayland updates (coming in 15.1) I’m not going to bother submitting anything for it, yet. I reached out for help with wtf to do with my jacked-up gtklock script and Urchlay came to the rescue with some sed magic that sure beats my symlinking all the libs into it’s include dir. Going to do some review of my scripts for the modules, and I hope to have gtklock and the rest uploaded next week on SBo. So that will then round out any missing software needed by nwg-shell.

Some updates coming for the x86_64 and aarch64 nwg-shell repos, likely today. New foot, updated google-go-lang and nwg-bar, off the top of my head. Felt like writing something so there’s this, I’m out!

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