I’ve slowly been going through these packages and running them through the sbo-maintainer-tools, not to prepare them for submission (-current packages cannot be added) but to help me find issues/errors in them. I am maintaining 3 branches of scripts and things tend to get lost in the shuffle. I’ve found some errors and fixed things along the way for a few packages that have been bothering me for some time now. Flatpak should now correctly place it’s shell script in /etc/profile.d (before it always kept the .new suffix), I’ve re-built xdg-desktop-portal-gnome again finally fixing regressions in the package. This package controls the xdg-portals within GNOME mostly for flatpak packages. I’ve updated Epiphany to 43.1 (along with webkit2gtk 2.38.5), and I’ve added Gradience – this application themes GTK4 apps and is becoming very popular. It has a repo of themes and soon will be able to theme gnome-shell as well, for a complete desktop feel. GNOME 43 has settled down and is a bit more stable now than at first, so I figured it’s a good time to add this one. I’ve also set the ISO to enable pipewire by default, which fixes the built-in gnome-shell screen recording functionality. You can now record video on your desktop without configuring pipewire on the ISO. This is not the default in Slackware, and is controlled by some shell scripts in /usr/bin. If you have issues with pipewire, you can disable it by running “pipewire-disable.sh” as root (it’s in your path). Note by enabling pipewire, Flashback/metacity will not operate, you must disable pipewire to use the GNOME Flashback desktop session. I don’t like shipping it in a semi-broken state, but I’ll assume most are not using the Flashback desktop (although I do quite like it), hopefully eventually Metacity will work with pipewire.

Along the way, I’ve removed a few Slackware packages,  mostly ones that interfere with GNOME in some way. easytag is one that no matter the xdg setting, would always pop-up when I wanted to open Nautilus from a notification. Removing it fixes all my woes. I’ve also removed a bunch of legacy apps from the /xap series since the GNOME desktop mostly replaces them.

I’ve also added D-Spy, a d-bus explorer application that will show you what open apps are actively using d-bus services. This is mostly useful for debugging issues with applications, but could prove useful to a slacker.

I’m still submitting packages to SBo for the nwg-shell which I’m trying to get up before the end of the week, so liveslak things will be tapering off for a while. I’m working on the GNOME 43 packages for aarch64, which I’d like to have available before long. GNOME 44 will be out eventually, so that’s coming up, and I’m going to let this simmer for a bit for a change, instead of constantly updating the iso. Enjoy.


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