Nothing much new this week (yet). I’ve updated the iso with the latest -current and kernel 6.1.9. I haven’t added anything new, but I am considering to remove some Slackware shipped X11 apps. Things like thunderbird, xmms, and other things covered by the GNOME desktop, I may remove to shrink the iso a bit, as it seems to keep growing. Maybe next revision.

I’ve been working on getting scripts for nwg-shell SBo-ready. Which means they have to build on 15.0 and comply with their guidelines. In the end, I’m going to have a way for users to build it locally, a SBo install option will exist, and I’ll have a package repo available as well. This way one can do as they wish to get the software. I know many users want a simple solution, and SBo works for that, so hopefully I’ll finish that work soon. And within the week nwg-shell should be available there as well.

Nothing else cookin’ this week. I need to do my taxes and other fun adult stuff, but I’ll keep doing this and avoid it all, like a seasoned vet 😉

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