Updated the ISO today to latest -current, kernel 6.1.7, and included some software updates for gnome which have landed in the repo already. Also added a GNOME 3.38.9 Slackware 15.0-based ISO I made for fun for my personal use on my old hackintosh desktop. It mimics the default Debian ‘bullseye’ GNOME install, and has it’s own repo attached. I’ll put up more information at a later date, I’m pressed for time at the moment. Try it out if you like the faster and stable GNOME experience pre-40+ versions. It includes the latest libreoffice 7.4.4 and some desktop games as well as the Gnome-Flashback optional desktop (X11 only). Don’t expect many updates as 3.38 is EOL but I’ll be adding some more apps to the repo over time. Enjoy!


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