Boost update and breaking things…

The -current boost package upgrade yesterday broke many things. If you’re running the liveslak and updated with slackpkg, you’ve likely run into this issue. If you haven’t upgraded packages yet… don’t. I’m working on package updates to safely upgrade the system and I’ll post a new iso with them today. If you happened to download and install the boost upgrade and broke your live system, the only real fix is to wait or remove the boost upgrade manually from your persistence folders (likely more effort than it’s worth).

I’ll be posting some rebuilt packages in the repo as well as a new iso at some point today. Again, sorry if your system broke, I have no way to know when Slackware will ship a system breaking library upgrade, I can only adapt to the changes as soon as time allows and hope many users were not bitten by the changes. The best way is to refresh your usb stick with the new (yet to be posted) iso, or upgrade from cli on an existing iso. In either case, taking care of the persistence folders is important, if one has conflicting files, it will wreak havoc on your system.

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