bugs and updates

I know it was short lived, but the epic project name “gnackware” shall be nothing more than a distant memory soon. I didn’t go very deep with the name change, and as a result, it broke local installs of the iso image. So I reverted to the original (and timeless) name of Slackware. I do not wish to customize the OS (outside of providing GNOME). I want it to remain a vanilla install, so users can be assured the Slackware featured here is the same Slackware the rest of us use. And silly names change that.

Outside of that, these new images are currently up to date (and local installs work again!) but I’ve also temporarily removed the kooha package, as it is broken. I hadn’t tested the script here. I just realized I had made this months ago and hadn’t used it in some time. Recent changes seem to have broken it. Kooha will be back when I work out what went wrong.


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