-current updates 20221120

Today -current was updated to include many libraries I’ve been shipping in the liveslak. http://www.slackware.com/changelog/current.php?cpu=x86_64 with today’s changes I’ve removed the following from the repo:

  • at-spi2-core-2.46.0
  • glib-networking-2.74.0
  • gobject-introspection-1.74.0
  • libsoup-2.74.3
  • pygobject3-3.42.2
  • vte-0.70.1

On -current glib2-2.74.1 has also been updated (which is in the repo), but it hasn’t been patched to fix the 100% cpu usage gnome-keyring bug, so I’ve left my build up for glib2 until this is addressed. Slackware’s vte package does not contain the GTK4 library, which is needed for gnome-console to function as well. To work-around this issue, much like I’ve done for libnma, I created a gtk4 specific package for vte and have added it to the repo.

To update an existing liveslak system properly, please run these commands as root:

slackpkg update

slackpkg install gcs43

slackpkg upgrade-all

This will ensure you pick up any newly added packages and update the live system as well. I will post a new ISO as well soon for new users, existing ones should be good to go with the above commands.

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