20221116 – gdm, flatpak and bugs

For the longest time it seems we have struggled to get users to understand they must edit /etc/rc.d/rc.4 and remove multiple –nodaemon flags present in the file — but struggle we will no longer! 0xBOBF has came up with a workaround and users will no longer need to edit this file on their system! Leaving one more bit (a small one) of vanilla Slackware untouched while installing GNOME.

Also, a few weeks back I had updated flatpak with some changes I took from AlienBob’s script he recently created. And it completely destroyed my flatpak integration from working as it should (icons showing up within GNOME Shell, etc) and so I’ve undone those changes. I re-worked my script to now include the flathub and gnome-nightly repos installed system-wide by default, and left the rest alone. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

As of now, users of the liveslak can install the system and have it operate correctly out of the box (finally!) or keep on using the live system and you’ll not notice any changes, it’ll work exactly like it did before.

Excellent work this week!

Get the latest liveslak build!

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