*I have added the package to the GCS 43 x86_64 repo and github*

I had noticed recently that attempting to bring up the printer pane in GNOME resulted in an error message being displayed, and then days later 0xBOB had mentioned he noticed the same in chat, and it turned out I had possibly been a little over-zealous in removing extra packages from GNOME. While I would consider in 2022, printing to be an optional feature, I happened to need to print something and had to use another OS to do so because of time constraints. The missing package is “cups-pk-helper”, which was a shipped with GFS previously on Slackware and I had removed in all my pruning while slimming the install down. 0xBOB had replaced said package in his hybrid 41/42 offering on SBo for Slackware 15.0, and I’ll be checking that out and re-adding it soon to the repos here as well, I’ll be sure to make a note of when I add it back.

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