20221031 – liveslak – gnome 43.1

Today I’ve rebuilt the liveslak ISO with the latest -current updates and stable GNOME updates I’ve got at the moment. If you already have the ISO you can always update packages normally with “slackpkg update && slackpkg upgrade-all” under the root account.

Outside of the official Slackware updates, I’ve included updates for slackpkg+, evince, tracker, tracker-miners, vte, and webkit2gtk. The webkit package changes some build flags increasing compatibility with websites, notably https://heise.de/ which has been problematic thus far, should be working now.


Download: https://slackware.lngn.net/pub/liveslak/slackware64-live-current-gnome-43.1-20221031.iso

MD5: 9413a561b9430ac73d5c445a7bc57033

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