• - my GitHub hosts the SlackBuilds for everything here. There is much more there than available in package form on this site. If there's anything you'd like to see me host a package of, let me know. Things can get messy here occasionally, I apologize, I try to keep order in the court.
    You can also find many SlackBuilds and go vendor archives in the source/ directory, if I need to host files outside of the general source tarball, you'll find it there.

    repo links

  • GNOME 45 liveslak ISO
  • nwg-shell liveslak ISO
  • GNOME 3.38.9 for Slackware64-15.0
  • nwg-shell for Slackware64-current

  • the slackware pkg_dump - package groups to add to your slackware.
  • Asahi Linux for Slackwareaarch64-current. (check my github)
  • Cinnamon (csb) for Slackwareaarch64-current.
  • LibreOffice for Slackwareaarch64-current.
  • LXQt 1.4.0 for Slackwareaarch64-current.
  • nwg-shell for Slackwareaarch64-current.

    03-31-2024 - Upgraded LibreOffice today for aarch64. There is also python3.11 builds in the nwg-shell x86 repo, there are some small issues as of yet resolved. I'm working on it. Slackware has changed the layout of all python installs with the upgrade, so there's going to be a few bumps in the road for a minute. Please bear with us while we adapt to the changes.

    03-06-2024 - I'm removing the temp package repo for "slkupdiff" (the differences between x86 and aarch64) as I don't feel I've really managed to execute the idea properly. It was a bad idea anyway.

    Yesterday, I uploaded a new GNOME Liveslak and i've been pushing updates to it a lot more frequently now. I setup a new build machine for x86_64 so I'll be able to deal with things easily. In other news, the general package repo is still coming along, adding slapt-get is taking more time than I'd anticipated, but I think we're safe with 15.1 a little ways off yet.

    LibreOffice has seen a update to the latest release as well as some new builds in pkg_dump: firefox-123.0.1, mame-0.263 are the ones I remember.

    02-20-2024 - Yesterday I fixed up the issues with LXQt, and got that repo up-to-date for aarch64, as well as the aarch64 nwg-shell repo. Today, I pushed the remaining updates for nwg-shell x86_64.

    I had a grand idea of using slapt-get along with defining deps for packages to merge all my repos into one large repo, but it turns out slapt-get does not operate how I expected, and in the end, I don't even see the point in using it. I need to tamper with it some more, but my initial impression is the effort outweighs the benefit. I'm going to do a bit more testing with it before I call it a wash, but I'm leaning to keep repos as-is, it's almost easier without the extra mess to coordinate. That said, I'm debating on if I should even manage gnome packages at all. Other things in the pipeline to consider, we'll see what the future holds.

    02-04-2024 - Both x86_64 and aarch64 nwg-shell repos are mostly up-to-date. Soon enough I'll have fixed up stragling packages and got them going as well. In the pkg_dump I have a build of AlienBob's qt6 package, which is literally a fucking giant build. No KDE6 or any of that, but if you've been wanting qt6, here it is. slkupdiff repo has nothing as of right now, I haven't checked to see if it needs anything added yet. LibreOffice has had a huge update as well (and a re-build coming soon), it's now using JDK17 as well. I've rebuilt mpv to compensate for some deps being added to slackware as well. There may be a few rebuilds as I check all is well with the glibc 2.39 update, but all seems well as of now. Let me know if anything seems broken.

    01-23-2024 - Since the arm64 maintainer hasn't kept up with Pat on security updates, and has been taking a break, I've made a new repo containing ALL the missed updates since Mozes last touched the arm64 port. Users or Slackware ARM can rest easy knowing your x11 is secure and your ESRs are recent. Along with everything else updated in slackware proper that has been neglected. The [slkupdiff repo] should keep your systems up-to-date with the real slackware-current, with much less lag. In your slackpkg+ conf, place the repo before slackware in the "PKG_PRIORITY" variable line to ensure these packages are chosen over slackware's. I'll delete the packages if/when Mozes updates them officially... or I'll end up maintaining my own port of slackware. One way or another, I want my updates!

    01-08-2024 - Users of x86_64/aarch64 nwg-shell please be mindful when updating with slackpkg+ to also do a "slackpkg install nwg-shell" as there has been new deps added recently and likely will be some more eventually. Hyprland updates will be broken unless new dep hyprlang is installed. Progress is being made on a full-on package repo, but I've been debating on integrating slapt-get which would provide full package dependancies if used. It would be optional for a user to use, but also would increase time needed to finish the repo. Not sure which way to go with it yet, much integration to be done, in that case. I've gotten some interesting takes on it, but i'm still unsure.

    Also got a RPI5, while you shouldn't expect anything to appear because of it, I will test and ensure things work on it with a SARPI install. It's a speedy little guy, but still slower than my M1 ;)

    12-20-2023 - Updated Firefox 121.0 in the pkg_dump and yesterday both nwg-shell repos got some python upgrades while updating the rest of the packages to the latest stuff. My continual work toward a full-on software repo is getting closer to finished. Now I just need to finalize things and do some work on this site. My plan is to go live sometime in January, so I hope the holidays give me the time I need to get things moving!

    12-04-2023 - Updated hyprland & papirus-icon-theme packages on nwg-shell repos. Firefox 120.0.1 aarch64 (pkg_dump) and last week brought LibreOffice

    11-21-2023 - Added a repo for snuk's LXQt 1.4.0 built for aarch64. I've also added the latest Firefox release, 120.0, available in the pkg_dump.

    11-10-2023 - LibreOffice is available for aarch64, nwg-shell liveslak (x86_64) was updated yesterday, and I've started creating a package repo for aarch64, I'll be adding things over time and eventually it will be a real repo. pkg_dump.

    10-19-2023 - After a long, long wait, I've updated LibreOffice for aarch64, now based on the SBo script. If you use the repo, please run 'slackpkg install libreoffice' to get the new deps. I'll try and update this more than once a year from now on ;)

    10-11-2023 - This page isn't pretty, I apologize for that. It may change, but not drastically. I've linked my available repos above. Do note, I'm planning on dropping any and all GNOME-based repos, they are all currently broken anyway. I currently don't see the point in maintaining them with the continuation of the "gfs" project. My scripts still work perfectly fine to build gnome 42/43, so feel free to build yourself gnome with them. My future plans consist of dropping any x86 software repos, my target is aarch64 and maintaining x86 is better done by other projects. I will, however, continue both x86_64 & aarch64 nwg-shell. Once the next stable release comes, I may stop that repo and only distribute it through SBo, but for now, my repo is the only way to use hyprland on slackware, so dare I say it has value. I'll be fixing these pages up soon so things will change a lot, but the repos are good and continue to function. bye bye wordpress, I won't miss you.

    - I had this file in a backup of server files, so it gets to be the new Slackware page. If you're curious, I don't think I have any of these packages on the server, but for shits and giggles, if I find them, I'll put them up (I did find them, downloads work ;). Soon I'll post links to access the repos, and possibly attempt to migrate some information out of its WordPress prison. I fucking hate "Web 2.0" and everything it stands for.

    Unless you have a VM of one of these old Slackware releases, I wouldn't try using this software, as it very likely doesn't work on Slackware-15.0.


    This is how this page sat for a decade prior to a year ago...

    I don't have a machine currently running of capable of running slackware. The only way I can run slackware is in a VM, and that's sort of silly if you ask me! So it may be a while (if ever) that any of this stuff gets updated.


    PrBoom Installation HOWTO (out of date)

    Slackware 11.0 Downloads:

    SDLMAME 0.114 - arcade emulator >
    naim - console AIM/ICQ/IRC/Lily CMC client >
    ScummVM 0.9.0 - LucasArts SCUMM engine interpreter >
    (also requires fluidsynth and mpeg2dec libraries for extra functionality)

    Slackware 10.2 Downloads:

    DOSBox 0.65 - a DOS emulator >
    fceultra 0.98.12 - a NES/FC emulator
    LAME 3.97b2 - a MP3 encoder >
    libusb 0.1.12 - a USB device access library >
    naim - console AIM/ICQ/IRC/Lily CMC client >
    PrBoom 2.4.1 - a Doom/Doom 2 engine >
    QuakeForge 0.5.5 - a Quake/QuakeWorld client/server application >
    RAR 3.5.1 - RAR (un)archiving utility >
    ScummVM 0.8.2 - LucasArts SCUMM engine interpreter >
    SMPEG 0.4.4 - a MPEG audio/video library (required by prboom) >
    timidity patches - MIDI patch set for MIDI audio playback (required by prboom)
    uCON64 2.0.0 - a ROM backup utility >
    z26 2.13 - a Atari 2600 emulator >
    zSNES 1.42 - a SNES emulator >

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